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SMARTMEDIA Interactivity Solution - OIS

mtBroadcaster can deploy technology and use Text Messaging Service (TMS) as well as Voice Messaging Service (VMS) as an effective tool for promotion of the channel as well as its products. Broadcaster can use both Long and Short code for such implementation.

    Virtually all programmers can have SMS interactivity. The treatment can be designed to have Multiple Interactivity (MI) option.

    Some basic options are:
  • Voting: Viewers can send in Text Messages to send their votes on topics such as "Who is going to win" or "Choose your movie of the week".

  • Opinion Drive: Voting can also be used to pick a plot line. Viewers call a special number or send a code word depending on what plot direction they want a show to take or even which actor they want to kill or revive.

  • Suggestions: Viewers can be asked for suggestion for any programme. This can be used for effecting slotting of the programme.

  • Contests: Run contests where every 100th text message wins a prize or the first person to text the correct answer wins.

  • Requests: For (music video type shows or Live) phone in programmes, viewers can test requests directly to the programmers. This shall give proximity to the viewers to the programme and they can feel like they are part of the show.


  • To increase the Viewership

  • To give advertisers better ROI on their spend on the channel