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ONMEDIA Sales Force Optimisation Software

mtOn-Media Sales-Force Optimisation software is an Online Sales Force Optimisation system for a Media Company.

It allows linking all sales field personnel across the country with the HO & it provides intelligent information on real time basis and also organizes Revenue Forecast and Target Matrix.

It bridges the gap between the corporate headquarters and the sales executive. SFOS is a scalable and configurable model with no additional hardware that can be customised any hierarchy or geographical breakup. The sales executive can log in to the On-Media system with his pre-designed user ID and password and can enter into intelligent information platform. The scope is tremendous as the platform can be equipped with latest hooks for communications.

  • Provides "Intelligent Information" on real time basis

  • Organizes "Revenue Forecast" (computer added)

  • Manages Inventory-Target-Matrix

  • Alert the right inventory mix to reach the "Set Target"

  • Makes instant "Personal Communication"

  • Generates "Real time Reports"


  • Revenue Forecast

  • Inventory-Target Matrix

  • Real-Time Reports


  • Seamlessly integrates: [HQ - Branch - Frontline Sales] - ONE PLATFORM

  • Synchronizes all Multi - Tasking Revenue Generation Modules

  • High Security System - Multi Access Level & Privileges

  • Compatible to Media Monitoring Agencies - TAM, aMAP, NRS etc


  • Complete End-2-End Implementation support

  • 24/7/ Online/On-call product support

  • Complete SLA(Service Level Agreements) Adherence

  • SPOC Technical Support to all client issues

  • Post-Implementation Onsite-Offsite support