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mt Media Technology solution will create challenging atmosphere to nurture conditions for the growth of media companies, which offers a wide range of products to media where they could improve their productivity, ratings and sales performance.

  • SMOS-Scalable Media Operational Software
  • SMOS is software that could serve all the needs of the media by providing security levels and access levels.   Read More

  • ONMEDIA Sales Force Optimisation Software
  • On-Media Sales-Force Optimisation software is an Online Sales Force Optimisation system for a Media Company.   Read More

  • SMARTMEDIA Interactivity Solution-OIS
  • Broadcaster can deploy technology and use Text Messaging Service (TMS) as well as Voice Messaging Service (VMS) as an effective tool for promotion of the channel as well as its products. Broadcaster can use both Lang and Short code for such implementation.   Read More