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m4aMobile4ad offers a wide range of products which are used for Web2SMS, SMS solution, SMS2Web2SMS system.

Mobile devices aim to outgrow the domain of voice-intensive cell phones and to enter a new world of multimedia mobile devices, like laptops, PDA phones and smart phones. Unlike the conventional one-way media like TV, radio and newspaper, web media has enabled two-way traffic, thereby introducing a new phase of interactive advertising, regardless of whether static or mobile.

  • KONECT is a Simple Unique Web2SMS Solution to reach Organisationís: Field Force, Doctors, Chemists, Consultants    Read More

  • BULZEYE is a simple SMS Solution, where the Application manages the Subscriber's data with periodical updates via SMS.    Read More

  • BOOMERANG is the 2-Way Interactive SMS2Web2SMS system, The Content is available across the Channel Via Push-Pull Mechanism through SMS.    Read More

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