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iInfra Monitoring Solution is one of the most cost-effective ways of communicating the Onsite Information to the Head Quarters. iInfra is a Unique, Robust and Comprehensive System which will enable instant Communication from Onsite to the Infrastructure, Construction Development Companies. iInfra Hardware devices can withstand the Harsh Onsite Conditions and doesn't require Power up to 12 hrs. It has a rechargeable battery system. It does not require any GPRS or Internet Connection to transfer data. It prudently uses the Latest Technology to transfer the data, which brings down the cost of Operations to the minimal extent possible.

  • Monitor Vehicles Movement

  • Monitor Material Movement

  • Monitor Labour Movement

  • Monitor onsite stores depot

  • Material quantity monitoring

  • Track and monitor Toll gate entry process by vehicles

  • Increase greater transparency in vehicle and material movements

  • Monitor labour movements

  • Stored data can be transferred to the server immediately

  • Send the acknowledgments of the completed transactions immediately

  • Project site data is immediately available for Reports/MIS

  • Billing to contactors (Material/Vehicle/Labour) as per the MIS records

  • Quarry

  • Mining

  • RMC/HOTMIX Plant

  • Ports

  • Irrigation

  • HighWays


  • Complete End-2-End Implementation support

  • 24/7/ Online/On-call product support

  • Complete SLA(Service Level Agreements) Adherence

  • SPOC Technical Support to all client issues

  • Post-Implementation Onsite-Offsite support