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M2M Technology:

M2M provides interactivity, tracking of applications which are involved around machines.

(Machine to Machine): The automatic communications between devices without human intervention. It often refers to a system of remote sensors that is continuously transmitting data to a central system. It offers automatic communications between mobile devices or between mobile devices and other electronic devices such as PDAs, printers and hands-free vehicle systems. M2M provides communications between people, devices and systems and turns data into information companies can act upon.

  • iINFRA
  • iInfra Monitoring Solution is one of the most cost-effective ways of communicating the Onsite Information to the Head Quarters    Read More

  • iPALM
  • iPALM solution is used for communicating the ofsite information to the headquarters.    Read More

  • M2I
  • M2I is a Unique Interactivity Solution based on the new SMS2WEB2SMS Technology, embedded with Web Portal & Database Server    Read More