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M2I is a Unique Interactivity Solution based on the new SMS2WEB2SMS Technology, embedded with Web Portal & Database Server. The module can be extended for various Business Intelligent System and Analytical Reports.

  • Facilitate/ Monitor/ Asses the New Product Entry Market

  • Channelize the loyalty program for Customers/ Clients/ Dealers etc

  • Real Time Monitoring of products across the Market

  • Analyze the product Movement Quantity/ Location wise

  • Assess Customer feedback

  • Channelize the Dealer-Distribution Network based on our Solutions

  • Market Contact Planning


  • Complete End-2-End Implementation support

  • 24/7/ Online/On-call product support

  • Complete SLA(Service Level Agreements) Adherence

  • SPOC Technical Support to all client issues

  • Post-Implementation Onsite-Offsite support